Good Food Bundle

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Good Food Bundle
Good Food Bundle Ultimate Plus Dishwasher Detergent 48 Tablet Regular Pack
Good Food Bundle Finish Dishwasher Cleaner 250ml Regular
Good Food Bundle Rinse Aid 400ml Regular

Love good food? Hate the clean-up after the meal's over? Then this bundle is for you! Packed with powerful cleaners, this bundle will wash away even the toughest of food and cooking stains from your dishes and dishwasher, with an unbeatable¹ clean.

What's included?

  • Ultimate Plus 48 Tablet Pack Regular x1
  • Dishwasher Cleaner 250ml Regular x1
  • Rinse & Shine Aid 400ml Regular x1

¹Tested against IKW recommended stains and leading brands comprising 90% of GB market in Bosch Silence dishwasher in Eco 50 cycle with IKW scoring. Verification:


So, you’ve just entertained a house full of guests with your famous casserole and now your favourite glass dish is looking a little worse for wear. No problem. Discover how to clean a burnt glass casserole dish using Finish and be ready to host again in no time. 

  1. Finish detergents can power through most stubborn stains, so you don’t need to pre-rinse your dishes. But, if your casserole dish still has lumps of food, make sure to scrape these off, so they don’t clog your dishwasher. 
  2. Check your glass baking dish is dishwasher safe and, if so, pop it in the dishwasher on the bottom rack. 
  3. Use a quality detergent, like Finish Ultimate Plus, which washes away residue for an unbeatable¹ clean and diamond shine 1st time, every time, without the need to pre-rinse. 
  4. Allow your glass baking dish to air dry before storing. 


But if casserole isn’t your thing, you’ll find the same results with cookie sheets, muffin trays, and more! Ultimate Plus has the cleaning covered, so you can focus on the cooking. 


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