Shine & Protect

What is Shine and Protect?

Isn't it annoying when you've washed your glasses in the dishwasher several times and you begin to notice a cloudy film and dullness, which is impossible to remove? This is actually permanent glass-corrosion.

New Finish Quantum with Glass Protector Action gives you the brilliant results you expect from Finish Quantum, PLUS protection against glass corrosion to keep the sparkling shine of your glasses. So wash after wash, your glasses remain clean and shiny for longer.

This is because it's formula contains specially developed Glass Protection Action that block and neutralise the compounds that cause irreversible clouding and corrosion of the glasses during repeated dishwashing. 

New Finish Quantum with Glass Protector Action, brilliant results and protection for Your glasses.



Finish Shine and Protect is available in both All in One and Quantum so keep your glasses shiny no matter which range you use.