Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions surrounding dishwashers, as well as dishwasher tablets.

General FAQs

Does it matter what detergent I use?

Your detergent needs to complement the cleansing action of your dishwasher. Automatic dishwashing detergent is specially formulated to disperse food residue and greasy soiling, hold it in suspension, and remove it in the final rinse. It does all this while producing little or no suds.

For best results use the detergent recommended by the manufacturer of your machine.

However, Finish is the #1 brand*. Recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers such as Bosch. In very hard water areas we also recommend the use of separate Salt and Rinse aid to protect your machine and achieve the best result.

*Finish brand is #1 global value sales in Automatic Dish Washing category (source: NielsenIQ RMS data).  For verification email

Do I need to pre-rinse my dishes before loading them into the dishwasher?

No need to! Pre-rinsing is a thing of the past. And although many British households do it, it’s time consuming and wasteful of precious resources.
Modern Finish detergents contain both bleach and enzymes and are recommended by dishwasher manufacturers for use without pre-rinsing.
Bleach fights tough stains like tea and coffee, and enzymes breakdown proteins and starches. All you have to do is scrape the larger pieces into the rubbish bin and load your dishwasher.

How should I store my dishwashing detergent?

Your dishwashing detergent should be stored in a dry environment. If you are using powder, be careful to close the spout after each use to help keep the product dry (and to avoid spills!). Like all cleaning products, store your detergent out of the reach of children.

Do I need to add salt and rinse aid?

Rinse & Shine Aid is required to:

  • Ensure spot-free, shiny dishes
  • Assist the drying function

Salt is required to:

  • protect your machine from limescale
  • soften the water for better cleaning

Rinse aid is required to ensure spot-free, shiny dishes and assist in the drying function. If you live in a hardwater area, Salt is required to protect your machine from limescale, and soften the water for better cleaning. In very hard water areas it is recommended to use both Salt and Rinse Aid products to protect your machine and achieve the best results with your dishes and glasses

How often should I clean my dishwasher?

As a rule, we would recommend cleaning your dishwasher once every 3 months with
our Finish Dishwasher Cleaner. However, there are some signs that will signal your dishwasher needs a clean:

  • An unpleasant smell.
  • Food build-up in the filter of your machine.
  • Cutlery / crockery leaves a cycle covered with
    food or grease.
  • Rusting inside of the machine.
  • Food in the sprayer arm.
  • The machine getting clogged.

For the latter, a quick fix is to ensure you’re always scraping off large bits of food before putting it in the dishwasher
(this also eliminates the need to waste water rinsing off the plate!). Aside from the list above, there are also less obvious signs, such as build-up of grease and limescale occurring in the hidden but vital parts of your machine.

By knowing how and when to clean your dishwasher, you’re maintaining one of your most useful kitchen assets. You’ll
not only keep your machine working at its best, but it’ll also make sure your dishes and glasses come out sparkling every time.

If you are after more regular maintenance of your machine, you can also use our Finish In Wash Cleaner tablets. They can be used once a month or on particularly full greasy loads. The In Wash Cleaner
tablets will clean your dishwasher, removing grease, while your dishes are being cleaned (remember to use detergent too!).

How do I clean the outside of my dishwasher?

While our dishwashing cleaner covers everything inside your dishwasher, you’ll want to clean the outside too – that is, after
all, the part that everyone sees! Clean the door and any buttons with a cloth and some hot soapy water for a dishwasher that looks as good on the outside as
it does inside!

How do I clean the inside of my dishwasher?

To clean inside of your dishwasher, follow these
simple steps using Finish Dishwasher Cleaner:

  • Empty your dishwasher so that there is nothing left in it.
  • Take your bottle of Finish and instead of removing the cap, take off the sticker from the top of the bottle to expose a wax plug.
  • Place the Dishwasher Cleaner bottle upside down inside the silverware basket or anywhere in the bottom of the dish rack.
  • Close the dishwasher door and put your dishwasher on at least 60°C.
  • After the cycle is complete and the dishwasher is
    off, remove the bottle and discard.
What should I use to clean my dishwasher?

In order to clean your dishwasher effectively,
you’ll need to use a good dishwasher cleaner. Use our Finish Dishwasher Cleaner
for a deep clean, to remove grease and limescale in the hidden parts and pipes
of the dishwasher, leaving it hygienically clean and smelling fresh. Recommended usage is once every 3 months, however if heavy dishwasher usage or malfunctions and bad odours are detected it can be used more frequently/when in need.

Smart Finish App FAQs

How can I create a subscription?

First download the Smart Finish app from either the App Store or Google Play Store, and then follow the simple instructions from there.

How can I delete my subscription?

Select the 'Account' button on the bottom-right of the screen. Then select ‘Delete subscription’ within the Account section.

I set up a subscription on the website, but now I have downloaded the app. What do I do?

You will need to cancel your original subscription, which you can request via this link:

Then download the new Smart Finish app, and create a new account and set up a brand new subscription.

How do I connect my dishwasher to the Smart Finish app?

First make sure you have downloaded the Home Connect app and your dishwasher is connected. Once this is done, you can connect your dishwasher to the Smart Finish app.

How do I disconnect my dishwasher from the Smart Finish app?

So long as you have a dishwasher connected in the Smart Finish app, you can select
the ‘Disconnect dishwasher’ button on the home page.

If I disconnect my dishwasher, will my subscription still work?

No, the subscription is reliant on receiving dishwasher cycle information. If the dishwasher is no longer connected to your Smart Finish app, the subscription is redundant. You will need to reconnect your dishwasher in the Smart Finish app for the subscription
to continue.

How can I cancel my order?

If your subscription was created in the Smart Finish app, you will need to notify us by using the ‘Contact us’ section in the app.

If your subscription was created via the Finish website, you will need to contact us via this link:

Tablets FAQs

How do dishwasher tablets work?

Dishwasher tablets contain surfactants, which affect the liquid they are added to, making it more efficient at picking up and washing away debris. They also include enzymes (to break down starchy foods and protein), builders (to tackle hard water) and safe bleaches.

Once you’ve put your dishwasher tablet into the detergent dispenser compartment, your machine will release the contents at the optimal time allowing the tab to disintegrate into the water, release all ingredients and clean your dishes!

How do I use dishwasher tablets?

Dishwasher tablets are very simple to use. If needed, remove any protective packaging, place the tablet into your detergent dispensing compartment, close the compartment, turn on your washing machine and let technology and Finish handle the rest!

For detailed information on how to use Finish Tablets, read on below.

With dry hands, remove the tablet from the container and place it in the detergent dispenser. Ensure both the dispenser and the tablet is dry to prevent it from dissolving prematurely.

Close the tablets packaging lid tightly. Store away from heat and moisture to protect the remaining tablets.

Our tablets are wrapper-free (with the exception of Finish Classic) and are designed to release their contents when they come into contact with water. Do not pierce or attempt to unwrap the tablets.

Clip the detergent dispenser shut and close your dishwasher.

Make sure all items are dishwasher safe and separate silver from stainless steel.

Wash metal items according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Run dishwasher. The optimal water temperature is 51° – 60° C .

For optimal results, it is recommended to also use Finish Rinse Aid for shinier and drier dishes (vs detergent alone).

Can you put dishwasher tablets in the bottom of the dishwasher?

Detergent tablets should always be placed in the detergent dispenser compartment.

If you’re placing the tablet at the bottom of the dishwasher it’s likely that it will dissolve too quickly, releasing the detergent during the prewash and leaving no detergent for the main wash cycle. This will reduce the efficiency of your wash.

Do dishwasher tablets go out of date?

The standard shelf life of dishwasher tablets is two years but it’s best not to stockpile Finish products in case the product and its packaging deteriorates over time.

While using an out-of-date dishwasher tablet isn’t going to cause any damage to your kitchenware or dishwasher, it may be less effective than when used within the correct timeframe.

Do I take the plastic off Finish® dishwasher tablets?

Whether you need to remove the plastic from your dishwasher tablet depends on the product you have bought. As a good rule of thumb, if the tablet comes individually wrapped then yes, you should remove the plastic wrap before using. If, however, the tablet is encased in a skin of thin, transparent plastic, this should not be removed and will dissolve itself safely during the washing process.

Where do I put the dishwasher tablet?

Dishwasher tablets should only go in the dishwasher detergent compartment of your dishwasher, not loose in the dishwasher itself.

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