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LOOP Reusable Packaging

A circular economy reusable packaging scheme in partnership with LOOP and Tesco.

Plastic Free Packaging

Finish are looking at new ways to be more sustainable. In partnership with Loop, Finish have created an innovative zero plastic packaging that can be cleaned and refilled to be reused, again and again. LOOP are building a global ecosystem for the reuse movement that maintains the convenience and affordability that our customers are used to. Loop is on a mission to Eliminate the Idea of Waste® in an approachable way that is accessible to all.

Circular economy

Most products today are used once, and the packaging is thrown away after one use: this is called “linear economy.”

Products whose packaging is cleaned and reused are part of a “circular economy.” Finish’s LOOP packaging is just too good for it to be disposed. That’s why it is involved in this ground-breaking trial. Finish is one of the products that believes that what’s on the outside is just as important as what’s on the inside. So, your empty tin will be professionally cleaned, and you will be able to reuse it. The result? The same product in a reusable tin. Win-win.

Reusable Packaging Model

Finish x LOOP metal packaging is durable and designed to be used again and again. By returning your Finish Loop packaging to be cleaned, refilled and used again, you are contributing to the circular economy for resources to be used and reused.


Loop are launching a reusable packaging system with Tesco. For the launch Finish have created a reusable pack to bring you packaging choices you can feel good about.

Recycling (alone) is not the answer

We know that recycling is important because it allows us to repurpose waste. When we reuse an object we save energy and resources, as the object only needs to be transported and cleaned before it can be cycled again.