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We’re committed to building better future solutions, not just for cleaner dishes but for a cleaner, more sustainable world too.

Our Packaging Commitment

As part of our commitment to more sustainable packaging, to minimise virgin plastic footprint and reduce waste to landfill, we apply three Rs:

  • Reduce virgin plastic use where possible.
  • Reuse by partnering with LOOP we have created packaging that can be reused.
  • Reuse, trialling reusable packaging through a pilot program.

How do we do this

Finish are commited to innovating responsible packaging solutions.


We are reducing our packaging footprint by reducing the footprint of some of our doy packaging.


We are trialling new ways to be more responsible through a circular economy reusable packaging scheme, with LOOP.


OPRL (On pack Recycling label) helps clearly mark how our packaging can be recycled. Our products are designed to use recyclable material.

Join Our Mission to Save More by using Less

In Partnership with LOOP Finish have created an innovative zero plastic packaging solution

Less Air, Less Plastic, Same Tabs

For some Finish doys we have reduced plastic packaging by up to 15%. Enjoy the smaller packs with the same number of washes. Our new packs save 6-15%* of plastic savings per product.

*based on weight vs original sized packaging