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Our partnership with WWF

Working together to replenish 500 million litres of freshwater in the UK.

Making a difference

Freshwater is a precious resource that is crucial for all life on land. Without it, we can’t survive – and at the moment we are losing it at an alarming rate.

Here in the UK we may start to see a shortage of water in 25 years, with big knock on impacts for the way we use water and for all of the UK wildlife that freshwater supports.

To help protect UK freshwater sources, Finish UK is excited to announce that we have partnered with WWF to replenish 500 million litres of freshwater in the UK. During the 3-year partnership Finish will fund crucial WWF water replenishment projects in the East Anglia region of the UK.

Our Water Replenishment Project

Finish and WWF’s water replenishment projects focus on nature-based solutions across East Anglia, home to some of the UK’s most precious waterways. As part of the work, WWF will create and restore new ponds, rewet reedbeds, restore bogs and mires, reinstate modified rivers and use constructed wetlands to improve freshwater habitats and enhance the UK’s water supply.

Want to find out more about WWF’s Freshwater project with Finish and how you can get involved in protecting our planet?

Learn more about WWF Freshwater project with Finish

Help us save water

Skipping the pre-rinse saves 1000L of water a year.

Skip the Rinse with Finish Quantum Ultimate and Finish will support WWF freshwater projects.

1 pack of Finish Quantum Ultimate could support 15L replenished with WWF.