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Source: Adam Brown, WWF UK. Picture taken at constructed wetland at Langham, Norfolk; WWF X Finish UK Report – October 2022

Work on Wetland Construction

Finish along with WWF are collaborating to improve water quality and replenish 500 million litres of water in Norfolk, United Kingdom, an area which is facing a strain on water resources due to a drier climate and increasing demands placed on water. The programme formally kicked off in January 2022 and has been focussing on 3 key pillars:

  1. Freshwater Species - Re-introduction of extinct burbot into a Norfolk catchment; including associated habitat restoration and river water quality works. Statutory Agency support exists with Natural England & Environment Agency.
  2. Water focused nature-based solutions - Blended Finance funding towards delivery of a unique Systematic Conservation Plan currently being finalised for the region; supporting delivery of water-focused Nature Based Solutions in Norfolk.
  3. Constructed wetlands - Focused work, ideally at a catchment scale, delivering nature-based solutions to reduce impacts of small-scale sewage works – including tackling phosphates from domestic sources.

On World Wetland Day (2nd February), we want to talk about the wetlands which we are constructing with WWF. Our initial long list of constructed wetland sites has been refined to three: Stiffkey, Langham and Bayfield. Work has begun on the Langham constructed wetland with machinery on site. Our aim together is to improve the water quality through a series of constructed wetlands and replenish 500 million litres of water, which will be returned to the local river system.