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The journey of water

It’s easy to forget that water in our taps has travelled many miles before it reaches our homes. The Journey of Water is a campaign from Finish and WWF to show where freshwater comes from and inspire water saving at home. By making small changes we can make a big difference and help protect the UK’s precious freshwater environments.

Water Heroes: The Journey of Water

Meet the Water Wizard and read our new children’s story telling the tale of how water reaches our home. Created by author Catherine Coe, Water Heroes: The Journey of Water follows three children who embark on an adventure from source to tap. Along the way they learn about different environments, why freshwater is so precious and how to save water at home.

See what you can do

Take our quiz and see how switched on to water saving you are. Then commit to your personal water-saving goals and we’ll match your effort by restoring water to threatened UK wetlands.


Tanya Steele – Chief Executive of WWF

Our Products and Sustainability

We work with our R&D team to bring efficacious dishwasher tablets in the market. For all our ingredients list, please visit our website.

Finish Ultimate lemon

Finish Ultimate regular

We have not only reduced the chemical weight in our top tier Ultimate but also removed MGDA (a petro-based manufacturing process) and have shifted towards Citrate (a bio-based process), without compromising on our performance.
Our ultimate tier is steering towards sustainability by using less plastic in its packaging, which helps us do our part for the environment. We now use plastic which can be recycled at large supermarkets along with other household recycling products (further recycled in recycling plants).

Finish Ultimate All in 1