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Saving water with WWF

Together we’re working to conserve precious wetland species and create habitats in East Anglian wetlands, which house some of the UK’s most valuable, yet fragile ecosystems.

A unique variety of wildlife

East Anglia is famous for its rivers, wetlands and marshes, many of which are under increasing threat from growing water demand, pollution and climate change. These freshwater environments are home to a unique variety of plants and animals, and WWF has chosen to work in this area to help protect and enhance them.

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Saving Water Helps Wildlife

Conserving and cleaning up freshwater is critical to helping nature thrive. Since the 1970s, 41% of UK plant and animal life has declined (NBN – State of Nature 2019). Creating and maintaining healthy wetland habitats is one way to stop this decline and support biodiversity.

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Finish’s Commitment

The Environment Agency is warning that the UK could face serious water shortages within the next 25 years. To avoid our water supply dropping dangerously, positive action is needed.

500 million litres replenished

Skip the rinse and save water every day

Finish Ultimate is proven to deliver a first-time clean on even the toughest baked-on stains. Not only does it save you time and effort, but by skipping the pre-rinse your household could save up to 1000 litres a year!

Finish UK is raising £250,000 per year for WWF-UK for freshwater projects. (WWF-UK Trading Ltd pays all taxable profit to WWF-UK, charity registered in England & Wales 1081247, Scotland SCO39593)